Ramy Youssef On How Making Poor Things Affected Hulu’s Ramy And Why We Might Not See Season 4 For Awhile

Ramy Youssef in Poor Things
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For fans of Hulu’s excellent series Ramy, like myself, it was really exciting to see its star and showrunner Ramy Youssef in one of the best movies of 2023, Poor Things. Although he played a supporting role alongside Emma Stone, Mark Ruffalo and Willem Dafoe, it’s an impressive turn to movies for the comedian that may have you wondering ‘What’s next?’ for the star. Youssef recently shared an update ahead of his latest special hitting HBO. 

Back in January, it was announced that Ramy Youssef’s next comedy special, Ramy Youssef: More Feelings is set to premiere on HBO sometime this March. But what else is cooking for the Egyptian-American talent? Let’s break it down: 

How Poor Things Affected The Making Of Ramy 

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Ramy Youssef shared how his first foray into movies affected his claim to fame, Hulu’s Ramy. Per the interview, the actor, writer, director and comic actually had to delay filming the latest season of Ramy (Season 3) due to his work on the Yorgos Lanthimos feature. Poor Things was filmed in Hungary back in 2021 and Season 3 of the dramedy hit Hulu in September 2022, over two years after the second season’s premiere. 

When Season 3 of Ramy hit streaming, CinemaBlend spoke to Youssef about directing more episodes of the series than ever and one of its stars Laith Nakli about pushing back against stereotypes for Arab-American characters. Between the 2020 season and 2022, Youssef also developed Netflix’s Mo with Mo Amer, which shares numerous connections to Ramy

Ramy in the show.

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What’s Going On With Season 4 Of Ramy

A fourth season of Ramy has yet to be picked up, but according to Ramy Youssef that’s for an intentional reason. Apparently, the show’s creator, who is also Youssef, spoke to Hulu about the series taking a long break and returning to depict Ramy Hassan in a “new stage of life.” And, as he said: 

It’s definitely not over.

Perhaps, Ramy Youssef needs a bit of a mental break for Ramy as well. At least there’s more from the talent on the way! 

What Other Projects Ramy Youssef Is Working On Next 

Aside from his comedy special that will be available to those with a Max subscription next month and Season 4 of Ramy coming at some point, Youssef is also working with Mo Amer on the second and final season for the hit Netflix series. 

Plus, he’s adding another great TV show about Arab-Americans to his repertoire with Amazon’s #1 Happy Family USA, which will be an animated series about a Muslim-American family living in the early 2000s who must learn to “code-switch” in a post-9/11 world. Per Variety, Ramy Youssef will voice two characters and Ali Shawkat; Chris Redd and Mandy Moore are also among the voice cast. 

There are a lot of exciting things ahead for Ramy Youssef. Next up, we expect to see him at the 2024 Oscars to support the nominated Poor Things as it goes up for 11 Academy Awards during the telecast on March 10! 

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