The Traitors’ Tamra Judge Is Feuding With Parvati Shallow Online, But It Seems Pretty One-Sided

Tamra and Parvati on The Traitors
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It's a good time to be a reality fan, as we're currently in the midst of The Traitors Season 2, which is available with a Peacock subscription. The season got a ton of attention because The Traitors Season 2 cast includes reality royalty from shows like The Real Housewives, Survivor, and The Challenge. We're getting deep into the season, and now RHOC's Tamra Judge is feuding with Parvati Shallow online. Although I have to say it seems pretty one-sided.

While some folks are still figuring out how to watch The Traitors Season 2, the internet is pretty obsessed with the series, including Alan Cumming's delightful accent. But now a Traitor and Faithful are feuding online: Parvati and Tamra. It all started with a clip on Twitter from Parv on Johnny Bananas' podcast, where she referenced how Janelle Pierzina and Tamra Judge have started their own Traitors podcast. The Survivor winner claimed that Janelle is being an armchair quarterback over who she thought were Traitors, with Shallow saying:

She's doing that podcast with Tamra. Tamra's trying to get her 15 minutes of fame from this because she didn't do much on the show. They're trying to say they knew after the fact.

This quick line from the podcast soon started making the rounds online, with Housewives fans tagging Tamra and Janelle to get their reactions. And being the Housewife that she is, Judge didn't spare the opportunity to throw some shade at her fellow cast member.

While fans watched Parvati and Phaedra clash onscreen, the drama is continuing long after the cast of The Traitors left the castle. Tamra didn't appreciate the comments about fame, presumably because she's been a Housewife for over a decade. Judge tweeted out some shade, which you can see below:

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Maybe it's for this reason that The Traitors is quickly becoming one of the best reality shows of all time. Because once Season 2 cast all celebrities, the drama definitely increased. And it should be interesting to see if Parvati and Tamra come to blows for the reunion special. If there's one thing that Housewives know how to do its conflicts during the Reunions. 

Tamra has tweeted about Parvati's comments a few times since the podcast dropped, but the Survivor winner hasn't been participating in the back and forth. And while Bravo fans are defending the RHOC villain, there are generations of Survivor fans who are doing the same for Shallow. After all, she's one of the most beloved winners of all time, having played four times and made it to the finale twice. We'll just have to see if this feud heats up and feels more reciprocal moving forward. 

The Traitors airs new episodes Thursdays at PM EST on Peacock. While we not-so-patiently wait, check the TV premiere list.

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